Who We Are / Are Not

The Macomb County Chapter of the National organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Committed to telling Americans the truth about the cannabis plant, in all its forms.
Those forms include industrial hemp, “medical cannabis” and the personal use of smoked or otherwise ingested marijuana (eaten in food, infused as tea, etc.)

Patriotic Americans who love our country.
We do not seek to break the laws, but rather to RE-FORM them, in accordance with the principles of law and order as handed down in our Constitution. We regard political activism as the highest calling of a citizen.

Nobody’s making a living at this. We put our money where our mouths are.

Your next-door neighbors.
We have jobs, homes, families and hobbies, just like you

We are not:

Drug dealers.
We have no idea where to illegally obtain marijuana. Please do not ask us. The War on Drugs has ensured that marijuana can be obtained only through illegal black market drug dealers. We seek to change and/or end the War on Drugs through legal avenues, and to put drug dealers out of business.

A Smokers Club.
We do not come together as a group to smoke marijuana. We come together as a group to plan political strategies, organize group functions and do the everyday business of the group.

Enemies of the police.
We think that cops should do their job. Protect and Serve. Catch “bad guys” and all that. We’re just looking to remove responsible cannabis users from the “bad guys” category.

Easily defined.
Some of us are CEO’s, some are hippies, most are somewhere in between. Some wear suits, some wear sandals. We are a representative sampling of America and come from all walks of life.

Trying to convince you (or your children!) to smoke marijuana.
Marijuana is not for everyone and it certainly is not for children. See our Principles of Responsible Use statement. We only seek to enjoin the government from arresting responsible marijuana smokers. But what YOU do is your own business. Or at least it ought to be.

Feel free to read more about our organization here on the about us page