The National NORMLcast every Wednesday night:

Dear Fellow Lovers of Freedom and a Common Sense Approach to the “War on Some Drugs”,

NORML trusts the New Year finds you and yours well and ready to redouble your marijuana law reform efforts during this important election year.

NORML has some exciting news as we begin 2004. The National NORMLcast is going back online!

Each Wednesday Night starting January 7th as part of the “Glenn Klein Online: Wired for Success Internet Radio and TV Webcast”, you’ll be able to hear Allen St. Pierre, the Executive Director of NORML Foundation, and speak with Glenn about the ongoing efforts in America and around the world to end the prohibiton against cannabis.

Glenn Klein Online is an Interactive Internet Magazine promoting “Fun, Freedom, and Financial Security” live from 9-11 PM (Eastern).

The National NORMLcast “page” will be online at the top of the second hour at 10 PM (Eastern).

To listen and view the show you’ll new Real One Player which can be downloaded at

You may log on to hear the show live at:

Drop out and tune into this show which has great topics about cannabis, lively discussion, activist profiles, humor, cannabis trivia and NORML prize giveaways.

Thanks for all your support for NORML and reforming marijuana laws!


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