Pulsar APX Version 2 Vaporizer Review

We have been reviewing dry herb vaporizers for quite some time now, and we are extremely excited to introduce our new review of the Pulsar APX version 2 because it’s one of the hottest new herb vapes on the market that smashes all other competitors out of the park.  This vape has been designed strictly for use with dried herbs but Pulsar has also released a wax version of the device too, but that’s not what this article is about.  This device is one of the best on the market, so you should definitely check it out today.

The APX Vaporizer has an extra large herb chamber which holds up to .5 grams of herbal material, so you don’t have to worry about overfilling it unless you pack it too tightly.  Vaping marijuana is an excellent activity that you should definitely participate in regularly because it’s much safer and easier on your lungs than smoking.  Smoking marijuana releases toxins and harmful substances into your bloodstream, so switching over to vaping is definitely a smart choice that you should absolutely consider.

Pulsar APX V2 Heating Chamber

The herb chamber on the APX v2 is a lot larger than on the original, so you can afford to pack more weed in the device.  It has a heat up time of 30 seconds and uses a ceramic heating chamber for maximum convenience.  It comes with a six month warranty which covers all of the major electronic parts.  To use the device simply power it on by pressing the power button down for a few seconds.  We enjoy using the 428 degree temperature setting on the device because the clouds are extremely large.

We have been selling a lot of Pulsar Vaporizers over the course of the past several years and there are some new products coming out on the marketplace in the near future.  Our team has definitely worked with a lot of vape companies on the marketplace, and we are definitely looking forward to some new releases here in the near future.  The new mouthpiece on the V2 has been designed with much better specifications than the other product.  We have definitely reviewed hundreds of different vaporizers on the market, and this one is absolutely one of the most affordable handheld units on the market.

Buying an APX v2 vaporizer is definitely a smart choice for entry-level vape users who are interested in buying a cheap unit which doesn’t use much battery life and can effectively vaporize herbs in the shortest time-frame possible.  Our team has reviewed literally hundreds of handheld units and we have grown to really enjoy using this device.

Premium Features Of Today’s Modern Wax Dabbing Pens

top wax dabbing pensWax pen offers as an alternative for individuals who are looking for ways to avoid the negative effects of smoking as it is a small portable device that is available in different in different sizes and shapes. It comes in different sizes from large stationary units to pocket sized pens that are very convenient as it can be taken to any place. Vaporizers are free of harm as it offers a large number of health benefits as vaping is easier as it is designed for satisfying the users to the fullest from vaping experts to beginners.  If you are interested in learning more about the best wax dabbing pens then please check out the site we linked to in this article.

Wax vape is basically a smoking device that does that have any harmful effects of combustion and burning process of smoking as the device make use of cartomizer or atomizer for heating up the concentrates. It produces pure vapor as you will not have to inhale the harmful toxins or carcinogens that are found with the burning of cigarettes. These smoking devices can also be called as vape pen and it has gained immense popularity because of its discreetness and ability of helping people to quit their smoking. It can easily be used in any public place as you will not have to worry about being seen even when you are in a public place. Moreover the use of e-liquid in place of tobacco can be a healthy alternative because tobacco can be very harmful for health. Apart from using e-liquid, you can also use different kind of materials like herbal materials like weed and dry herbs and wax concentrates. Hence you can use these vape pens for two different things which include substitute for smoking marijuana and substitute for smoking cigarette. There are many benefits of using wax vaporizers but the most important benefit is that it helps in preventing the exposure to toxins in smoke. The use of vape pens will deliver less carbon monoxide in the bloodstream as compared to smoking and hence you can be rest assured that you are selecting a healthier option for vaping.

The use of wax pens are a healthier choice as it produces the same effect as smoking but does not pose the risk of harmful toxins that you get from smoking cigarettes. The vaporizer will protect you from different carcinogens like toluene, naphthalene and carbon monoxide that are a result of combustion process associated with smoking cigarettes. But wax pens do not make use combustion process for burning the dab and hence it can be beneficial for you. Hence you should invest in vaporizers if you want to protect your lungs and it also helps in reducing the impact on your body. Concentrates can be vaped with the use of vaporizers as it is very effective and offer similar throat hit as you can also use oils and waxes according to your tastes and preferences. Using wax is an excellent way of experiencing more effects as you can enjoy smoking with the use of vaporizers so that you can enjoy a large number of benefits.

Principles Of Responsible Marijuana Use

Buds are removed from a container at the “Oregon’s Finest” medical marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon April 8, 2014. Over 20 Oregon cities and counties are moving to temporarily ban medical marijuana dispensaries ahead of a May deadline, reflecting a divide between liberal Portland and more conservative rural areas wary about allowing medical weed. Portland, Oregon’s largest city, already has a number of medical marijuana clinics and has not moved to ban them. Picture taken April 8, 2014. REUTERS/Steve Dipaola (UNITED STATES – Tags: DRUGS SOCIETY POLITICS HEALTH) – RTR3KMHE

When marijuana is enjoyed responsibly, subjecting users to harsh criminal and civil penalties provides no public benefit and causes terrible injustices. For reasons of public safety, public health, economics and justice, the prohibition laws should be repealed to the extent that they criminalize responsible marijuana use.
By adoption of this statement, the NORML Board of Directors has attempted to define “responsible cannabis use.”

  1. Adults Only
    Cannabis consumption is for adults only. It is irresponsible to provide cannabis to children. Many things and activities are suitable for young people, but others absolutely are not. Children do not drive cars, enter into contracts, or marry, and they must not use drugs. As it is unrealistic to demand lifetime abstinence from cars, contracts and marriage, however, it is unrealistic to expect lifetime abstinence from all intoxicants, including alcohol. Rather, our expectation and hope for young people is that they grow up to be responsible adults. Our obligation to them is to demonstrate what that means.

  1. No Driving
    The responsible cannabis consumer does not operate a motor vehicle or other dangerous machinery while impaired by cannabis, nor (like other responsible citizens) while impaired by any other substance or condition, including some medicines and fatigue. Although cannabis is said by most experts to be safer than alcohol and many prescription drugs with motorists, responsible cannabis consumers never operate motor vehicles in an impaired condition. Public safety demands not only that impaired drivers be taken off the road, but that objective measures of impairment be developed and used, rather than chemical testing.

  1. Set and Setting
    The responsible cannabis user will carefully consider his/her set and setting, regulating use accordingly. “Set” refers to the consumer’s values, attitudes, experience and personality, and “setting” means the consumer’s physical and social circumstances. The responsible cannabis consumer will be vigilant as to the conditions — time, place, mood, etc. — and does not hesitate to say “no” when those conditions are not conducive to a safe, pleasant and/or productive experience.

  1. Resist Abuse
    Use of cannabis, to the extent that it impairs health, personal development or achievement, is abuse, to be resisted by responsible cannabis users. Abuse means harm. Some cannabis use is harmful; most is not. That which is harmful should be discouraged; that which is not need not be. Wars have been waged in the name of eradicating “drug abuse”, but instead of focusing on abuse, enforcement measures have been diluted by targeting all drug use, wheather abusive or not. If marijuana abuse is to be targeted, it is essential that clear standards be developed to identify it.

  1. Respect Rights of Others
    The responsible cannabis user does not violate the rights of others, observes accepted standards of courtesy and public propriety, and respects the preferences of those who wish to avoid cannabis entirely. No one may violate the rights of others, and no substance use excuses any such violation. Regardless of the legal status of cannabis, responsible users will adhere to emerging tobacco smoking protocols in public and private places.